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Anything [RPG Maker VX Ace project]

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1 Anything [RPG Maker VX Ace project] on Sun Jul 15, 2012 3:17 pm

2D story-driven RPG under development. [NEW]


"What if you had the power...?"

NYC, in the not so distant future, a group of young adolescents will
face that very question. Blessed (or perhaps cursed) with divine
abilities, they will struggle to find out exactly who, or what, they
are. What is their purpose? What fate will befall them? And when they
find out the truth behind it all, will it swallow them whole?

In "Anything", a chapter by chapter game, you'll
control Mortimer, a troubled youth forced to live on the streets of NYC
and who has the peculiar ability to create anything he wants almost from
thin air. As more young individuals begin to emerge with outstanding
powers, the drama unfolds, leading you on a breathless adventure of
devastating proportions into the minds of kid heroes who must fill the
shoes of a destiny much to large for them to understand.

RATING: This game WILL contain some
questionable themes. It's meant to be a reflection of that time when
innocence is lost so expect bloodshed/war, lust/love, and other real
word situations that take the average teenager and propels them into
adulthood. For that reason I'd probably give this game a "T" rating.

GENRE: Modern day sci-fi/fantasy. Drama. Slice-of-life.

INSPIRATION: X-Men, Bokurano

DEVELOPER: cHImEgO/Sumitsuki Studios


Mortimer [Mortie]

Age: 16
Alias: The Shaper

Biography: Supposedly orphaned at an early
age because of his odd appearance, Mortimer mostly grew up on the
streets of London, England, fostered only by a gang of individuals who
wrecked havoc. Although adopted, he never gained stature with his fellow
members and was soon ejected after making a blunder. Mortimer made the
decision to escape his hellish life and wormed his way into being able
to move to the United States under the wing of a new adoptive family.
There the family decided to break bonds with him and he was forced
wander the streets of the Big Apple where he met fellow troubled teen
Christina, an unstable and emotional runaway. Having found someone who
could relate to him, Mortimer made his new friend his lover, and used
his street smarts to provide the best life that he could for them in an
abandoned building. Then, without warning, his divine abilities began to
appear, changing his life and destiny forever.

Personality: Because of the ridicule and
disregard by those he cared about, Mortimer has grown a severe
inferiority complex. He fears abandonment and can become wildly
possessive of anything that he can claim as his own. This feeling of
worthlessness has lead to a permanent face of overcompensation: Mortimer
can come across as a cocky big shot with sometimes a complete failure
to notice the feelings of others. His tongue is acidic and he can be
extremely sarcastic. On the somewhat brighter side, he is also a comical
flirt and a typical average teenager who thinks about girls and showing
off. He has an immense love for Christina even though he tries to "play
it cool". He also has the ability to remain stone calm under the most
dire circumstances, as the result of spending most of his life on the

Powers: Mortimer, known as 'The Shaper',
can construct and create objects of his choosing by absorbing the
matter of another object and reforming it into whatever he wills.

[More Coming Soon]


Anything takes place on a not so distant future Earth in the heart of
New York City. Factual locations will likely be used. Other locations,
if any, have yet to be determined.


* Completely custom artwork, music, sound effects, and more.
* Planned anime-style animated cutscene(s).
* Unlock concept arts, in-game awards, and more.
* Chapter by chapter releases.


My current main work is character sprites but I have started work on other images too, yo. You can find those below.

Mortimer Cel-shade animated styles.

Softshade stills for profiles in menu.

Mapping Progress.

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2 Re: Anything [RPG Maker VX Ace project] on Mon Jul 23, 2012 11:24 pm

Nice i cant await for it to be published.

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