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Rui's Guides - Book I- How to make a good boss

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1 Rui's Guides - Book I- How to make a good boss on Mon Jul 23, 2012 11:18 pm

Most Game Makers that start their first game can't make good good boses , overpowered, not strong enought, boring battles
Well i got the solution:
Here is the solution:

Hp=Very high more than 5-7 times of the Hp that you should have at that time.

Attack = should be able to kill ou in 4 attacks

Defence = enougth that the character can do at least 50 % of his damadge.

Agility = doesnt have to be very high.

Luck = make it from 5-20


Maximum MP = 9999

Magic Defence = Low if the boss has high defence, very high if the boss has average defence, and max if the boss has low defence.

Magic = same as M.Defence just compared too attack


All thats wroten is for the basic bosses ;
The Final Bosses have to have very high Hp if needed to the max and 2 hit ko:


Bosses are normally imune to everything so no stuns neither poison.


Bosses shouldn't use too many abilities


Credits : To me of course :O

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